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America at the crossroads

If Aryan man is to survive & multiply he must learn to see the universe in terms of Cosmic Law rather than devising ridiculous anthropomorphic Gods, shaped from the Hebrew fantacies of the Old Testament, which in turn we plagiarized from the still more ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, and Akkadian myths of great Flood, Adam & Eve, etc. Under the poisonous opiate of Judeo-Christian mythology our Aryan manhood has been corrupted into accepting as virtues such dispicable, effiminate characteristics as humility, meekness, glorification of cowardice & weakness on the part of the individual, and love for those sworn to destroy us! We forget 5000 million years of organic evolution on this planet demonstrates the inflexable Cosmic Law of necessary struggle between different species of plants and animals coupled with a process of Natural Selection to weed out the unfit & thus ensure the survival of the fittest


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