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American Youth & the Vietnam rebellion

“Aryan youth has turned to the artificial world of illusion through excesses of hard drugs & alcoholism. Our youth wither & die in a society where true heroes and patriots are ridiculed while cowards, sexual deviates and traitors are eulogized as examples for American youth to follow, Aryans realize that wars should be fought only when land or resources are needed for the survival of our Race or when the existance of our people is threatened by an alien force. Such has never been the case in any part of Asia*!

Europe, from the Alantic Ocean to the Ural mountains & from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, and N. America from the Artic ocean to the Mexican border & from the Alantic to the Pacific is the homeland of the Aryan Race but we do not belong in far Asia*!

Forget the interests of alien & totally worthless racial minorities. There is only one morality and that is whatever serves the needs of your Aryan Race which brought the original true Religion and science into this world after conquering the dark-skinned races of Central Asia (See the facts presented in “Isis Reveiled” & “The Secret Doctrine” by Madame Helena P. Blavatsky). There is only one immorality and that is to stay your hand from destroying anything, human or otherwise which menaces the existance or welfare of the sons of Aryas (or Sons of the Sun).”

* Denotes Asia, but could certainly, in more modern times include misadventures in Iraq, Afganisatan, Libya, etc., etc.


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