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The economic, racial, cultural and political chaos which is leading our people towards ultimate oblivion as a national state may only be reversed when the racially valuable Aryan element in American life (people of Nordic, Celtic, Anglo-saxon, latin & Slavic orgin) finally decide to discard forever the nonsensical liberal, Universalist & Equalitarian myths which have been artificially grafted on the Aryan mind by purely semetic mythology of Judeo-Christianity! Once this task has been accomplished, and not before, our Aryan racial stock will erect a totalitarian political structure whose purpose is to create a society based on hierarchy, discipline, purpose and racial destiny. Through a process of selective breeding & gaining mastery of the genetic code, a process which would give us the ability to scientifically control the type of human being created in the mothers’ womb thus making a Race of superior beings a reality, instead of a fantasy, we Aryans in North america shall create the “God Man” who will dominate this earth & fulfil the prophecies of the ancient past. We must, therefore, gear ourselves mentally to sweep away the teaming masses of human junk (jews, negroes, half-caste Indians, the nondescript, sub-human products of Judeo-Christian universalist thinking) so that our earthly aryan paradice may arise in what is today the United States of America!”

J.H. Madole, selected writings


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