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The Red Dragon

“Most Asians, and the Chinese in particular, think in terms of a “group consciousness” rather than placing empathis on the individual & his personal wants & needs. Thus Mao’s China will always think & act as a single entity composed of 800 million individual parts whoses thoughts & collective voice is mirrored in the will & energy of Chairman Mao. The charasmatic leader who by his voice and actions reflects the unified will of the entire people has been typified by such outstanding statesmen as Alexander, Napoleon Bonaparte. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin & now mao-Tse-Tung – the Chinese sage who, whether we agree with him or not, can write books on politics, military tatics and philosophy.

He can address a congress of physicists on their own advance terms on one day, plan military campaigns for his vast army on the next, and write a “Little Red Book” of philosophical dictums which has more fanatical adherents than the totality of Christendom. The West did well in fearing the Oriental colossus who combines the military sagacity of a Genghis Khan with his deep Eastern wisdom & philosophical genius of a Confusius.

In my personal meetings with Eastern diplomats & consular officials from the United Nations over a number of years while attending various receptions & diplomatic functions as a political guest, I have discovered that Arabs, Pakistanis, Indonesians, South Vietnamese, and Nationalist Chinese dignitaries all greatly admired both the German people & the Hitler regime!

Why? Certainly not because they were either nordic or aryan supremacists but soley because they understood & admired the efficiency, regimentation, dedication and willingness to sacrifice both the individual to sacrifice both his individual ego and life in the struggle for survival of the Race/Nation.

For this reason the German people have sometimes been euphemistically referred to as “the Chinamen of Europe”. Of cource few Europeans, if any, can totally submerege their individual traits and egos as can the Maoist Chinese nor would it be desirable in any Aryan society which seeks to create a superio Race based on creative ingenuity.

Human Gods seldom eminate from the ant heap society but mentally-conditioned robots produced by Maoist thought may well contend with Aryan man for supremacy of this planet in the near future.”


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