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jvstalinFrancis Parker Yockey’s first foray into American politics was working undercover–Yockey was an international fugitive–with H. Keith Thompson on the Committee for the Freedom of Major General Remer.

Major Otto Remer had temporarily saved Hitler’s bacon in 1944 even though he was not a Nazi party member. That got him an immediate promotion to Major General. After the war he became leader of the Socialist Reich Party which advocated a unified, neutral Germany; something Stalin supported but the Allies opposed. Anyway, the ‘democratic’ authorities in West Germany were seeking to ban the SRP as a continuation of the Nazi party (NSDAP). They eventually succeeded.

Yockey worked on press releases for the freedom of General Remer using the pen name of Frank Healy. In October 1952 he even sent a communique to Secretary of State Dean Acheson quoting from IMPERIUM!

But Yockey tired of the American Far Right at the time…

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