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The National Renaissance Party is re-forming. The outer circle of the NRP can be found on Facebook. The National Renaissance Party stands for the restoration of the American Republic and establishment of a regime in North America based on the principles of Racial Nationalism and Social Justice.

Let’s dispense with some back-handed slams before we delve into the REAL history of the NRP.

One John Reilly in a blog recently said this: “James Madole and his National Renaissance Party tried to promulgate a novel synthesis of theosophy, science fiction & fascism, but they were just street-corner cranks”.

Martin Lee in his 1997 book THE BEAST REAWAKENS about the postwar fascist comeback–it’s actually pretty informative of its type, almost as good as DREAMER OF THE DAY–quoted from William Goring’s 1970 monograph on the Party, who described the National Office as a madhouse: “All day long there was a constant procession of…

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