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jvstalinFrancis Parker Yockey’s first foray into American politics was working undercover–Yockey was an international fugitive–with H. Keith Thompson on the Committee for the Freedom of Major General Remer.

Major Otto Remer had temporarily saved Hitler’s bacon in 1944 even though he was not a Nazi party member. That got him an immediate promotion to Major General. After the war he became leader of the Socialist Reich Party which advocated a unified, neutral Germany; something Stalin supported but the Allies opposed. Anyway, the ‘democratic’ authorities in West Germany were seeking to ban the SRP as a continuation of the Nazi party (NSDAP). They eventually succeeded.

Yockey worked on press releases for the freedom of General Remer using the pen name of Frank Healy. In October 1952 he even sent a communique to Secretary of State Dean Acheson quoting from IMPERIUM!

But Yockey tired of the American Far Right at the time…

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On Subhumanity…..


The subhuman elements in our society dominated by the accursed jew, can only intimidate Aryan man while he remains in abject ignorance of his glorious racial heritage derived from the hoary archives of Lost Atlantis, Tibet & Mother India. In short while Aryan man remain Christian he will remain as a slave to the jew who imposed his hierarchy on the Aryan mind!

Madole on Leadership

“Aryan man, unlike the semite & oriental, has never believed in government by ‘masses of people’ or sought virtue in quantity over quality. the Aryan man seeks instinctively the advice of men of genius rather than majority decisions. The Aryan masses followed heroic Leadership under Alexander the great, Julius Ceaser, Charlemange, Napoleon Bonipart, 0tto von Bismark and Adolf Hitler.”

The Red Dragon

“Most Asians, and the Chinese in particular, think in terms of a “group consciousness” rather than placing empathis on the individual & his personal wants & needs. Thus Mao’s China will always think & act as a single entity composed of 800 million individual parts whoses thoughts & collective voice is mirrored in the will & energy of Chairman Mao. The charasmatic leader who by his voice and actions reflects the unified will of the entire people has been typified by such outstanding statesmen as Alexander, Napoleon Bonaparte. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin & now mao-Tse-Tung – the Chinese sage who, whether we agree with him or not, can write books on politics, military tatics and philosophy.

He can address a congress of physicists on their own advance terms on one day, plan military campaigns for his vast army on the next, and write a “Little Red Book” of philosophical dictums which has more fanatical adherents than the totality of Christendom. The West did well in fearing the Oriental colossus who combines the military sagacity of a Genghis Khan with his deep Eastern wisdom & philosophical genius of a Confusius.

In my personal meetings with Eastern diplomats & consular officials from the United Nations over a number of years while attending various receptions & diplomatic functions as a political guest, I have discovered that Arabs, Pakistanis, Indonesians, South Vietnamese, and Nationalist Chinese dignitaries all greatly admired both the German people & the Hitler regime!

Why? Certainly not because they were either nordic or aryan supremacists but soley because they understood & admired the efficiency, regimentation, dedication and willingness to sacrifice both the individual to sacrifice both his individual ego and life in the struggle for survival of the Race/Nation.

For this reason the German people have sometimes been euphemistically referred to as “the Chinamen of Europe”. Of cource few Europeans, if any, can totally submerege their individual traits and egos as can the Maoist Chinese nor would it be desirable in any Aryan society which seeks to create a superio Race based on creative ingenuity.

Human Gods seldom eminate from the ant heap society but mentally-conditioned robots produced by Maoist thought may well contend with Aryan man for supremacy of this planet in the near future.”

On the Racial Struggle

“Aryan Communists, Aryan Fascists & Aryan Conservatives will fight as one for RACIAL SURVIVAL. You will gladly kill your beloved wife and children rather than see the horrors inflicted upon them by a coloured enemy. This will be Race war to the death and as the late George Lincoln Rockwell observed: ‘The only uniform will be the color
of your skin.’ When they speak of ‘atrocities’ always remember that all living creatures, since the dawn of creation, have been forced to kill their natural enemies.

The strong survive, the weak perish. Young enemies nature their hatred & grow up to be adult enemies. In a race War enemies neither ask or recieve quarter.

America at the crossroads

If Aryan man is to survive & multiply he must learn to see the universe in terms of Cosmic Law rather than devising ridiculous anthropomorphic Gods, shaped from the Hebrew fantacies of the Old Testament, which in turn we plagiarized from the still more ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, and Akkadian myths of great Flood, Adam & Eve, etc. Under the poisonous opiate of Judeo-Christian mythology our Aryan manhood has been corrupted into accepting as virtues such dispicable, effiminate characteristics as humility, meekness, glorification of cowardice & weakness on the part of the individual, and love for those sworn to destroy us! We forget 5000 million years of organic evolution on this planet demonstrates the inflexable Cosmic Law of necessary struggle between different species of plants and animals coupled with a process of Natural Selection to weed out the unfit & thus ensure the survival of the fittest

Universalist Religion

“There can be no doubt that universalist religions always slant their appeal towards the masses of failures, misfits, sub-human racial elements which cannot fit in to a civilized order of society, criminals – in short the outcasts & dregs of humanity but they invariably ask the most productive & successful races, nations & individuals to assist this junkyard of humanity in propagating more of their own worthless species! “It would be easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven” whines the pious Christian hypocrite. then he rushes his fund-raising appeals to the most affluent members of his congregation of “fleeced lambs of God”.

Buddism in the East & Judeo-Christianity in the West are the mortal enemies of the Aryan Race! Our doctrine gives knowledge and gives understanding of the eternal cycle of birth & death whereas Judeo-Christianity burns or hides away true knowledge & a mental strait jacket to enslave the minds of their duped “LAMBS OF GOD”!

American Youth & the Vietnam rebellion

“Aryan youth has turned to the artificial world of illusion through excesses of hard drugs & alcoholism. Our youth wither & die in a society where true heroes and patriots are ridiculed while cowards, sexual deviates and traitors are eulogized as examples for American youth to follow, Aryans realize that wars should be fought only when land or resources are needed for the survival of our Race or when the existance of our people is threatened by an alien force. Such has never been the case in any part of Asia*!

Europe, from the Alantic Ocean to the Ural mountains & from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, and N. America from the Artic ocean to the Mexican border & from the Alantic to the Pacific is the homeland of the Aryan Race but we do not belong in far Asia*!

Forget the interests of alien & totally worthless racial minorities. There is only one morality and that is whatever serves the needs of your Aryan Race which brought the original true Religion and science into this world after conquering the dark-skinned races of Central Asia (See the facts presented in “Isis Reveiled” & “The Secret Doctrine” by Madame Helena P. Blavatsky). There is only one immorality and that is to stay your hand from destroying anything, human or otherwise which menaces the existance or welfare of the sons of Aryas (or Sons of the Sun).”

* Denotes Asia, but could certainly, in more modern times include misadventures in Iraq, Afganisatan, Libya, etc., etc.


The economic, racial, cultural and political chaos which is leading our people towards ultimate oblivion as a national state may only be reversed when the racially valuable Aryan element in American life (people of Nordic, Celtic, Anglo-saxon, latin & Slavic orgin) finally decide to discard forever the nonsensical liberal, Universalist & Equalitarian myths which have been artificially grafted on the Aryan mind by purely semetic mythology of Judeo-Christianity! Once this task has been accomplished, and not before, our Aryan racial stock will erect a totalitarian political structure whose purpose is to create a society based on hierarchy, discipline, purpose and racial destiny. Through a process of selective breeding & gaining mastery of the genetic code, a process which would give us the ability to scientifically control the type of human being created in the mothers’ womb thus making a Race of superior beings a reality, instead of a fantasy, we Aryans in North america shall create the “God Man” who will dominate this earth & fulfil the prophecies of the ancient past. We must, therefore, gear ourselves mentally to sweep away the teaming masses of human junk (jews, negroes, half-caste Indians, the nondescript, sub-human products of Judeo-Christian universalist thinking) so that our earthly aryan paradice may arise in what is today the United States of America!”

J.H. Madole, selected writings